Kaleo Vai 

A talented soulful singer who recently released his latest album "Overhead".  Please check out his website at www.kaleomusic.com.

Kala'e & Kamaka Camarillo

Mike Tulba

A rising talent whose solo career is now taking off.  Mike's genre of music is acoustic pop and  R&B

​Sharene Lum 


Alika Souza

Alex Oasay

​Alex's versatility in music styles ranges from Jazz, Rock, Blues, Funk, R&B, and Top 40's.  He is a full time musician and performs at many different venues around town.

Our Musicians

(not all listed)

Kamuela Kahoano

Coming off his 2011 Na Hoku Hanohano Award win (Stream Dreams, 2010), Kamuela is officially one of the top performing artist Hawaii has to offer.  Playing guitar or ukulele, he can cover a wide variety of music from Hawaiian to Alternative Rock and is featured in Waikiki at various restaurants and lounges.  Kamuela is the youngest son of a legendary Hawaiian icon and his music has been met with high praise in Hawaii, Mainland U.S., Australia, and Japan.

David Asing

Born into a family talented musicians, David has evolved to a well rounded musician performing a variety of music from Hawaiian to Top 40's Contemporary music.  He use to perform regularly at various hotels in Waikiki, but now is primary doing private functions/events and weddings.  davidasing.akahiproductions.com